Our Team



as Animator

Nickolas has been work as a freelancer for 3 year of experience on Graphic design,Illustration,3d modeler and Animation.He received his bachelor degree from Visual Comunication Design of Petra Christian University.

Nickolas has many knowladge about design software ,animation principles,traditional drawing, and game-dev stuff and fast adaptation to new one, and he has been join to falkana studio member to help make develop some game.

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Riady Salim

Game Programmer

Riady has more than 1,5 years of experience in game industry as a game designer and game programmer. He received his bachelor degree from Informatics Engineering of Widya Kartika University.

He is specialized in co-designing game with lead game designer, creating user interface wireframes, balancing & testing, and programming user interface & user experience using UNITY engine. Together with Falkana Studio members, he has help developed games like Mahabharat Warriors, Sablon Simulator, and Forest of Time.

He is also interested in creating an educational game. Heroes of Dharma is one of the educational game he created with Falkana Studio members. His paper when he was in college titled Bio Saga recently won dicoding.com challenge to create educational game to commemorate National Education Day.

Finn Firrior

Creative Director

Finn Firrior has over 5 years experience in Creative Industry as Front-End Web Developer, Illustration, Game Designer and Game Artist.

Now Game Designer and game Artist are main focus for Benny.

As Game Designer, Benny already involve in many gameĀ  Mahabharat Warriors, Forest of Time, Storm the Base Jemil, etc.