Storm the Base in Developement

Hello guys..!!
Finn is here to announce our latest work called “Storm The Base”. I am a Game Director and UI Designer of the game and I want to tell you the rough idea of “Storm The Base”.



Gameplay :
The gameplay is simple you will find yourself as “COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF” from random country. Your mission is simple, to make the strongest base and the strongest army to conquer the world.
The problem is you are not alone. Your enemies also have the same mission and they will do anything to prevent you from conquering the world. They will use their army to storm your base and steal your resources. But that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and watch your base got destroyed. You can also storm their bases and steal their resource and make them cry like baby.
To put it simply, it’s a multiplayer game where players have to storm the base each other to conquer the world.


Art Style :

I would like to give you rough image about the game art style and ui style.

Concept - Rendezvous point copy




That’s all for today, we will update more if there is a new development so stay tuned and please look forward to it.


“Eye for an eye” – myself