Heroes of Dharma

Help..!! Mara has sent his army to ruin Gautama Buddha’s teachings in Indonesia.
Follow the 4 cute heroes on their journey to various places in Indonesia to teach Mara’s army the beauty of Dharma.
Your heroes need your knowledge by answering questions about Buddhist lessons.

Features :
1. Four cute heroes to choose : Metta (Benevolence), Karuna (Compassion), Mudita (Sympatethic Joy), Upekkha (Equanimity)
2. Five stages to play : Mount Sibayak, Mentarang Jungle, Kute Beach, Surabaya City, Parang Kusumo
3. Five question themes :
– Gate of Buddha : Questions about Gautama Buddha history
– Gate of Dharma : Questions about Dharma
– Gate of Sangha : Questions about Sangha
– Gate of Nusantara : Questions about Buddhism in Indonesia
– Gate of World : Questions about Buddhism in Worldwide
4. Items : Use items to help you answer question
5. Mara’s army : Each stage has 3 enemies that you have to teach

Enjoy the game and have fun learning Buddhist lessons..!!

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